Dauer’s Testimony, New Age Movement on the 700 Club

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By God’s amazing grace, Monte & Marci Dauer were miraculously delivered out of the deception of New Age thinking in 1983 and were born-again into God’s Kingdom. They were baptized soon after, and began renewing their minds in the Truths of God’s Word, which they learned is the only standard by which to measure truth!

A new life began for the Dauers as they renounced their deeds of darkness. Monte attended Bible College and they became active in their new church. They have a heart for evangelism and use their personal life testimonies to reach the hearts and lives of others.

Through studying the Bible they became aware the New Age Movement isn’t “new” at all. It began in Genesis 3:4 & 5 when Eve decided she could be like God and not die. Interesting that when the Dauers we saved the New Age teaching were “in the closet.” Today these teachings are readily accepted even in many churches today.

Sadly many churches do not teach the reality of the devil, demons or hell. Sadly many Christians allow their children to read occult books and many do not know the difference between a Cult and the Occult. Do you know? Do you realize we are involved in a Spiritual battle? Are you aware there are two sides of the spiritual realm? Beware, not all roads lead to God. “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.” Matthew 7:13 Beware, in addition to giving place to the devil through unforgiveness, greed and immorality, we can give place to the devil by reading certain books, or listening to certain music or bringing certain things into our homes.
**BEWARE** The scriptures teach, Satan comes as an angel of light!