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The ScienceBlogs website indicates intra-abdominal testicles show that elephants may have evolved from a common ancestor of manatees or whales.

Many of us remember enjoying coloring books and can recall the connect-the-dot pictures. Looking back from an adult standpoint at what seemed like a fun activity as a kid, now I see an exercise that teaches a child in multiple ways. Having to identify the number one dot and use fine motor skills to draw the line from dot one to dot two and so on, you would continue drawing lines until you got to the last dot. This taught counting as well, but it was also an act of faith.


As a child you believed that if you followed the numbers to connect all the dots you would be given a complete picture to color once you were done. This is not so different from scientific investigation as a creation scientist. The dots of our coloring page are now the data that we see as we do research. We know from God’s Word, the Bible, that God has perfect knowledge of the whole universe.


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