Common Core Rooted in Math Class Social Justice Indoctrination

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“More on Common Core’s agenda of marxist indoctrination and social conditioning. Get your kids out of public school if you can or at least be prepared to counter all the godless input they’re receiving. There is a lot of good information on this site that will help you do that”  Admin

While proponents of the Common Core claim that the new standards are focused on “college and career readiness,” more evidence is surfacing that a central purpose of the initiative is social justice and income redistribution indoctrination.

Social justice indoctrination in Common Core is not just limited to language arts.

Radical Math is a group founded by Jonathan Osler who teaches math and community organizing at a Coalition of Essential Schools (CES) high school in Brooklyn, New York. Its website states Radical Math is “a resource for educators interested in integrating issues of social and economic justice into their math classes and curriculum.”

The CES reform movement, whose purpose is to indoctrinate students with a Marxist-Communist political and social ideology, had been supported and expanded through the efforts of President Obama and his fellow community organizer Bill Ayers when both worked on the board of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge in the 1990s.

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