Christianity Re-Defined By Mormonism – Mark Champneys

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Seminar by Mark Champneys Apologetics Symposium Cedar Park Church, Bothell WA February 1st, 2017 (improved sound quality)

Among the most devious strategies of the Enemy is word-play. Mormonism is diametrically opposed to Biblical Christianity, yet continues to be mistakenly considered a “Christian” church. Mark Champneys will give a presentation based on his experience from both sides–as a born-and-bred Mormon, and now a Christian evangelist, explaining the devious deception of re-defining virtually all Christian terminology. Included will be the story of his journey out of Mormonism and some “war stories” from 20 years of leading mission teams to Utah to witness to “his beloved people.” He’ll also bring you some tips on reaching your Mormon family and friends with the gospel.

About the Speaker: Mark Champneys, was born a 5th generation Mormon, the son of an LDS bishop. Now a believer, he is lay Evangelism Director with Saints Alive in Tacoma, is the King County Fair Ministry Coordinator for Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF), and he produced and directed the film “Evolution Demolition.” ( Mark has had the blessing of training dozens for evangelism, and by God’s grace, of leading hundreds to Jesus.

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