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What if the ‘experts’ were wrong? Just the other day in a convenience store, I saw the following sign: This ‘registered dietitian’ can help you to choose the correct high-fructose filled, preservative-laden treat for you! Is it any surprise that a lot of ‘new’ science is showing that many of our commonly held beliefs about food are completely wrong. Common sense should be the big one in regards to if food is healthy or not. Did our ancestors eat it? Would our grandparents regard it as ‘food’? Has this item been on the face of the planet for 10,000 years [More]
It now appears that the effects of sitting are much more serious than imagined. This handy infographic breaks it down… Read More  Why Sitting is Killing You.
It’s important to make time for exercise on a regular basis, and for many this means squeezing in a workout early in the morning, during a lunch hour, and even late at night, just before bed. It’s commonly suggested that you should, ideally, avoid exercising at night, however, as the increases in your adrenaline levels, heart rate, and body temperature may make it difficult to fall asleep. Without a doubt, there are many people who are sensitive to late-night exercise, such that a vigorous session will keep them awake. For some, however, and possibly even the majority, exercise at night [More]
Most of us know honey as a sweet treat, but few are aware of its powerful cancer killing properties. Honey is a superlative healing food. We know it has over 69 health benefits, as confirmed by the biomedical literature itself. But did you know it could be of profound benefit in diseases as life threatening and seemingly incurable as cancer? Indeed, a recent study published the journal Molecules looked at the role of honey in positively impacting the development and progression of tumors or cancers. The review identified the presence of flavonoids and phenolic acids in honey as the primary [More]
No child wants to be excluded from the delicious frozen treats their friends receive, but neither do adults. There are many ways to avoid all the toxic preservatives, emulsifiers and artificial sweeteners that go into conventional ice cream. You would be surprised how easy it is to make your own. Read More  Love Ice Cream? Here’s How To Make Your Own Healthy Varieties and Avoid Toxic Ingredients.
The diet industry reached 61 BILLION dollars in 2013 in the United States alone, but people are fatter than ever. Between magic pills, diet food, and commercial weight loss plans, the obesity epidemic is a HUGE business. Despite all of the do-good advertising and the inspiring slogans, the secret is, the diet industry doesn’t actually want you to lose weight, at least not for the long term. A customer who fails to maintain weight loss ends up being a long-term customer, contributing to the business’s bottom line. Richard Samber, the former Finance Director for Weight Watchers, was questioned about the [More]
“Isn’t it nice to know the FDA is really looking out for our good health… NOT! You can watch the expose video on aspartame Sweet Misery here.”  Admin As reported before, aspartame has been shown time and again in studies (the ones not commissioned by the industry) to be bad for you. Now yet another new study, this one published in the journal Redox Biology, has concluded what lots of other research over the past decades has repeatedly shown — aspartame, the popular sweetener in over 6,000 grocery store items, including everything from soup mixes to carbonated beverages to chewing [More]
A morning and evening ritual of tart cherry juice may help you sleep better at night, suggests a new study presented today at the Experimental Biology 2014 meeting. Researchers from Louisiana State University found that drinking Montmorency tart cherry juice twice a day for two weeks helped increase sleep time by nearly 90 minutes among older adults with insomnia. These findings were presented Monday, April 28, at the “Dietary Bioactive Components: Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory Effects of Dietary Bioactive Components” section of the annual meeting of the American Society of Nutrition, which is being held in conjunction with the Experimental Biology [More]
“Read this article “Baby Monkeys Develop Autism Symptoms After Getting Popular Childhood Vaccines“. So what does the FDA want to do about Autism … get rid of safe natural treatments and substitute more vaccines and drugs, MADNESS!  Like the article states the only thing the FDA appears interested in protecting is Big Pharma.” Admin The Pharmaceutical industry is about to embark on multiple medical interventions for autism including vaccines (yes, vaccines) as well as different drugs to treat the disorder. In an effort to to sway opinion, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is launching a series of campaigns to [More]
You’re probably still shivering at the thought of this past winter, but the summer heat is right around the corner and with it comes the dreaded high electric costs of cooling your house.What if there was a cheap, easy-to-make alternative to energy-sucking air conditioners?The video below shows how to make a non-compressor based air conditioner out of a 5 gallon bucket powered by a small fan. Read More  Natural Health News, Natural Remedies and Wellness Tips: Chill Out This Summer with a Homemade Air Conditioner.
“Another “good news” article for all chocolate lovers … which includes me!”  Admin Snacking on chocolate may be one delectable way to boost your health, provided you choose the right type of chocolate, that is. Certain types of chocolate, as well as cocoa powder and cacao, rank right up there among the most anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich foods known to mankind. It’s the antioxidant flavanols that are responsible for much of the health benefits, and recent research set out to determine which flavanols, in particular, may prevent certain health conditions, including type 2 diabetes and obesity. Which Chocolate Flavanols Best Protect [More]
“Next time you go to a public place, mall, market,theater,beach etc., just look around you, the proof of this is everywhere.”  Admin In 1950, the number of starving individuals on Earth was estimated to be around 700 million. At the time, obesity affected approximately 100 million people around the globe, primarily in rich countries. These statistics have changed dramatically over the past six decades. As stated in today’s featured documentary, Globesity: Fat’s New Frontier, no low- to middle-income country has successfully managed to reduce hunger without shifting over into obesity, and very rapidly at that. By 2010, the world’s hungry [More]
With the vast number of toxic chemicals in conventional toothpastes and hand sanitizers, it is refreshing to hear common sense natural solutions coming from those with genuine interests in decreasing our toxic loads. Here are two excellent, very simple and cost effective methods of making your own fluoride-free toothpaste and organic hand sanitizer. Read More  How To Make Your Own Natural Toothpaste and Hand-Sanitizer.
Can you find a non-toxic sunscreen at your conventional pharmacy, department store or grocery retailer? Probably not as most of the commercialized versions are filled with toxic additives and preservatives. Even children’s sunscreens contain many dangerous chemicals. Here is an excellent recipe for a non-toxic sunscreen that contains natural ingredients and will keep your skin healthy and glowing while protecting you from the sun just long enough so you won’t burn with moderate sun exposure Read More  How To Make Your Own Non-Toxic Sunscreen.
Government agencies and independent research institutions do not adequately evaluate the safety of numerous substances found in cleaning products, especially those cleaning your clothes. Synthetic chemicals are often flooding the waste water with chemical residues that do nothing but harm to the environment. There are many ways to make your own laundry detergent but not all formulas are non-toxic. For example borax, a popular do-it-yourself laundry detergent additive is quite toxic to humans. Check out this very simple and non-toxic recipe for a natural liquid laundry detergent. Read More  How To Make Your Own Natural, Non-Toxic Laundry Detergent.
Both blended smoothies and juicing can offer significant benefits in nutrient absorption and maximizing the nutritional spectrum of whole fruits and vegetables. Some combinations yield more concentrated nutrients while others are exceptional in taste. Here are a dozen different combinations which have both. The nutrients from fresh fruit and vegetables have a much greater impact in preventing heart disease and other illnesses if the fresh juice or smoothie is consumed regularly rather than every once in a while. The proportions of each ingredient are not that important, as you will find the blend, consistency and taste that works best for [More]
Maple syrup is one of the many wonders of the world and far more than a simple sweetener. Maple syrup is not only rich in essential nutrients such manganese as well as zinc, but 34 new beneficial compounds discovered just a few years ago have been confirmed to play a key role in human health. Read More  Maple Syrup Does Far More For Your Health Than Just Sweeten Your Food.
“Another threat to our food supplies, besides GMOs. Article also gives tips on what food items you can grow yourself in small spaces. You can read about 5 new high tech ways to grow produce indoors here.”  Admin The practice of dosing livestock with antibiotics combined with putting the same drugs into animal feed is having a profound effect on the soil where the manure is used as fertilizer. We have known for years that antibiotics in livestock has hastened antibiotic resistance but a new study proves just how detrimental the practice can be to our health and our food [More]
“This so called meal (and others like it) is being consumed by who knows how many people because it’s convenient (never mind the dreadful health implications), just pop it into your dangerous microwave then gobble it down. It’s no wonder obesity and poor health are rampant in this country.”  Admin All we did was try to read the ingredients list on the back of this TV dinner. We didn’t realize we would get sucked into a processed food hell time vortex. In this day and age of genetically modified, subsidized, and highly processed food full of chemical additives and synthetic [More]
“This just shows how we are morphing more and more into a totalitarian society bent on controlling dissent.”  Admin What happens to a society when thinking outside of the box or being righteously enraged about your government going in the wrong direction becomes an excuse to be sedated and re-educated? It seems we don’t have to go too far back in history to find out. The Soviet Union used new mental illness for political repression. People who didn’t accept the beliefs of the Communist Party developed a new type of schizophrenia. They suffered from the delusion of believing communism was [More]
“There has been an explosion in new mental “disorders” created by the psychiatric industry over the last several decades resulting in millions being put on drugs, a bonanza for big medicine and big pharma but at what cost to society.”  Admin Twenty-six years have passed since Prozac, the antidepressant drug, was introduced to the US market and quickly achieved the label of a “wonder drug.” In the decade that followed, other antidepressant drugs including paroxetine (Paxil), sertraline (Zoloft), fluvoxamine (Luvox), and citalopram (Celexa) would be released, creating an entire class of medications known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). Since [More]
Honey, one of the most incredible non-perishable foods that can kill almost every type of bacteria. It could also be one sweet solution to the serious, ever-growing problem of bacterial resistance to antibiotics, researchers said. Medical professionals sometimes use honey successfully as a topical dressing, but it could play a larger role in fighting infections, the researchers predicted. Their study was part of the 247th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS), the world’s largest scientific society. “The unique property of honey lies in its ability to fight infection on multiple levels, making it more difficult for bacteria to [More]
Quick and easy to prepare, these smoothie recipes not only contain a variety of refreshing fruits, they pack monounsaturated fatty acids and probiotics –two ingredients that help mobilize belly fat. The addition of chia seeds helps you feel full for at least an hour, not to mention adding valuable blood sugar benefits. These filling, creamy smoothies are perfect for breakfast, lunch, or a Flat Belly snack. Kefir is a fermented milk drink made with kefir grains. Kefir grains are a combination of bacteria and yeasts in a matrix of proteins and lipids. For this reason, a complex and highly variable [More]
The health benefits of eating dark chocolate have been extolled for centuries, but the exact reason has remained a mystery –– until now. Researchers reported here today that certain bacteria in the stomach gobble the chocolate and ferment it into anti-inflammatory compounds that are good for the heart. Read More  Natural Health News, Natural Remedies and Wellness Tips: Mysterious Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate Discovered.
There are well over 30 commercial producers of honey that have no traces of pollen and lack beneficial vitamins and enzymes among a host of other natural constituents which are removed due to pasteurization and processing. Most golden honey you see at your local grocery is dead and far from the health promoting powerhouse of its raw unpasteurized counterpart. Processed honey is not honey at all and if you desire any kind of health benefits, you must stick to the real stuff. In the U.S., the Food and Drug Administration says that any product that’s been ultra-filtered and no longer [More]
“Check out the articles in the health category for more good information on improving your overall fitness.”  Admin I recently shared with you about surrendering your body to God. This surrendering is where we all must start in order to reach our goals. Have you come to the point of surrender? I hope so. This month, we will consider the second part of getting unstuck in our fitness, and that is the subject of excuses. I have come up with the three Ts: time, tired, taste. I hear this first one so often: “Well, I just don’t have time to exercise.” [More]
Excellent expose on the multi-billion dollar Cancer Industry! Check out this post for more info and links to sites with info on alternative natural treatments. For more info on the heavy handed tactics of the FDA watch this video.