An Inside Look at North Korea’s War on Christianity – Open Doors USA

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For the last six decades, North Korea (#1 on the 2018 World Watch List for the 16th year) has waged war on Christianity. The Kim dynasty (Kim Il-Sung, Kim Jong-Il and now Kim Jong-Un) has deported and even killed entire families who follow Jesus. With Kim Jong-Un as the new leader of the cruel regime, researchers and analysts expect that life may get even worse for Christians. Below, one of our reps draws from interviews with North Korean refugees, secrets letters from North Korean church leaders, research and accounts from the book Escaping from North Korea to bring us this informative and insightful look at the realities facing North Korea’s 300,000 believers–and anyone who attempts to help them.


China, Dandong. A South Korean man waits for a taxi when someone suddenly walks up behind him. The South Korean doesn’t notice the man, that is, until he feels a sharp pin-prick in his neck. The lethal injection of a poisoned needle.


Though the autopsy doesn’t determine cause of death, witness accounts tell enough. This South Korean Christian, heavily involved in an underground railway to help North Korean refugees escape, has been assassinated.


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