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Working alongside believers who are actively serving God in some of the most dangerous places on earth is incredible! It is staggering to hear story after story of miraculous interventions in their lives.

It is also humbling.

We meet regularly with Christians who are willing to forsake all to follow Jesus.

As I chat with colleagues in my office following these visits, our conversation often leads into spirited discussions about the “living book of Acts” that we are honored to witness. The Acts of the Apostles has 28 chapters, but, many times, it seems like we are seeing Chapter 29 being written before our very eyes!

I will be sharing more stories from my recent visit to the Nuba Mountain region of Sudan in the weeks ahead. I have already shared three reasons it is so difficult to be a Christian there. I also told you about a heroic physician who is providing medical care in this war zone.

One of VOM’s longtime partners in this region is Persecution Project Foundation, led by Brad Phillips. Brad introduced me to an amazing leader in Sudan and I would like you to meet him too. His name is Pastor Morris. He is known throughout the region as a leader of leaders and we are joining PPF to equip him to take his ministry further.

In this one-minute video, you will hear him describe a miraculous intervention which encouraged him to press on in faith.

Watch  Persecution Blog: A Swarm of Wild Bees.

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