6. Creation Science Crash Course – Biological Evidence for the Creator Pt 1

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This class stemmed from the enormous volume of creation science material such as, books, magazine articles, and videos. At this point, there is so much evidence in support of 6 day literal creation most Christians don’t know where to start. This class provides Christians with a basic understanding of many of the main evidences. We have included what we feel are the most important creation science evidences.

The goals of this class are as follows…
1. Develop a consistent Christian world view
2. Gain confidence in the bible as scientifically and historically defensible
3. Equip Christians with information to defend scripture.

The information for this class came from dozens of books, as well as articles from Institute for Creation Research, Answers in Genesis, and Creation Ministries International.

The creation presentation was created by Ray Young and Rich Keller, we ended up giving the presentation about 10 times together as a 6 part series. I modified the class to fit in nine 35 to 40 minute time period, which is appropriate for Sunday school and bible studies.

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