For more details visit: Our knowledge biology, palaeontology and geology have been greatly advanced since Charles Darwin’s time. In this Creation magazine article by Don Batten, Richard and Calvin summarize the areas in which Darwin was wrong. However, although there are mountains of evidence against evolution today, many intelligent people still believe it. Main article: From Creation magazine 31(4) Would Darwin be a Darwinist Today? Related articles • Charles Darwin — Questions and Answers • Darwin’s Real Message — Have you Missed It? • Darwin’s arguments against God • Natural selection – Questions and Answers [More] | Paul and Eric welcome Carl Kerby of Reasons for Hope (, to discuss the best evidence for biblical creation.
Eric Hovind and Paul Taylor discuss: Why are kangaroos & koalas only found in Australia; Did disobedience give us knowledge of right and wrong; Are we paying… | Paul Taylor an Eric Hovind go on-location to Mobile, AL to interview Dr. Gary Parker. They discuss how Dr. Parker moved from teach…
April 12, 2012 Eric Hovind & Paul Taylor celebrate one year of The Creation Today Show ( by revisiting some of the most fascinating … | Paul Taylor and Eric Hovind welcome youth evangelist Ben Schettler | | as they discuss how evolution plays… | Paul Taylor and Eric Hovind reflect on Season 2 of the Creation Today Show and discuss highlights of the many special guests, topi… | Paul Taylor & Eric Hovind discuss the need for our upcoming Proof of God Conference. Also enjoy interviews with special gues… | Atheists have inaugurated their first public monument, outside the courthouse in Starke, FL (next to a monument of the Ten Com…
Creation Today 1-15-12 | Do you have a proper perspective of God? Watch as Eric Hovind uses evidence from space to challenge you to see God as much larger th… | Paul Taylor and Eric Hovind discuss Darwin Day, the history of Charles Darwin’s life, and pay tribute to all the popular evolution… | Paul Taylor and Eric Hovind welcome guest David Rives ( as they discuss how distant starlight can … | Paul Taylor & Eric Hovind welcome back guest Stephen Lawwell as they discuss Roe v. Wade, social darwinism and the slippery slope … | Paul Taylor and Eric Hovind welcome special guest Stephen Lawwell to discuss how society developed immediately following the flood… | Paul and Eric answer questions submitted about the fusing of ape chromosomes and presuppositional apologetics, as well as an annou… | Should Every Christian be a Young Earth Creationist? Paul Taylor an Eric Hovind go on-location to… | Paul and Eric welcome guest Jay Seegert of the Creation Education Center to discuss the importance of world-views, historical scie…
Behind the bars of this California prison, Ron Zaucha thought hope was lost forever. Today, he stands free in more ways than one… The Christian Broadcasting Network CBN
Congress to Celebrate Evolution With Annual ‘Darwin Day’ Feb. 12, 2013 9:34pm Billy Hallowell Rep. Rush Holt Joins Atheists in Push for Congress to Designate Darwin Day | Evolution Today marks evolutionary biologist Charles Darwin’s 204th birthday — a noted holiday for atheists, humanists and non-believers who wish to see the famed scientist gain increased respect and adoration. In fact, the American Humanist Association (AHA)’s International Darwin Day Foundation seeks to reserve Feb. 12 each year as a day to celebrate “science and reason.” Read More via Democratic Rep. Joins Atheists in Push for Congress to Celebrate Evolution With Annual [More] | 20120629 Answers in Genesis Molecular Geneticist on RSF for the Anniversary of CT’s Fiasco Real Science Friday’s Bob Enyart interviews Georgia Purdom, Ph.D. in Molecular Genetics from Ohio State University on Christianity Today’s denial that God made Adam from the dust of the earth. One year ago CT published their cover story, The Search for the Historical Adam which rejected the truth of Scripture for the bizarre old-earth idea that God put human souls into perhaps a couple hundred, or a couple thousand, animals which had evolved from ape-like creatures. CT’s story claimed that genetic science requires this [More]
For eight months, Barbara Torra lived in pain, but she believed that God would heal her. See how God answered her prayers. The Christian Broadcasting Network To see more from The 700 Club, go to
CreationToday.Org | Eric Hovind & Paul Taylor welcome Jay Seegert of the Creation Education Center (http for a fascinating discussion on DNA, showing the insurmountable problems of evolution. Jay Seegert has a BS in physics. MINISTRY BIO ( Over the past 26 years, I have spoken in numerous churches, conferences (some where over 5000 attended), secular schools, Christian schools, universities and various other venues. In addition to creation related topics, I have also spoken on: “The Existence of God”, “The Origin of the Bible”, “The Inspiration & Authority of the Bible”, “Alleged Errors/Contradictions of the Bible”, “Science & the Bible”, [More]
Creation Today – Feb 9, 2012 | Kyle Justice from Compel Media joins Eric Hovind and Paul Taylor to discuss recent research from Mount St. Helens in Washington. They cover how the catastrophe at Mount St. Helens provides clues to what it must have been like after Noah’s Flood.
Creation Today 12-8-11 | How old is our planet? Billions of years or just thousands? You might be shocked to see where the evidence leads. Join Eric Hovind and Paul Taylor for part two of their series discussing the age of the earth.
Creation Today 1/19/12 | Skeptics often claim that there are contradictions in the Bible. Is Scripture accurate regarding the value of pi or even the number of legs on a locust? Eric and Paul discuss why we can trust the Bible’s accuracy from beginning to end.
Eric and Paul continue an interview with Kyle Justice discussing clues to the rapid formation of Grand Canyon and the amazing evidences of a worldwide flood given by the modern catastrophe at Mount St. Helens. | Eric Hovind and Paul Taylor answer the tough questions about dinosaurs. When were they created? Doesn’t carbon dating prove they are millions of years old? Did the devil put bones in the fossil record to mislead us? Why doesn’t the Bible mention the word dinosaur? Click here to download a FREE Bible study on dinosaurs in the Bible