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Brother Kent has an official Youtube channel now and he’s uploaded a lot of videos dealing with a wide variety of subjects including creation and evolution, current events, Bible prophecy and more. You can check it out  by clicking here.
Kent has been released from prison and by the time you read this is at home in Pensacola. The video features a phone call with Kent after his release.
Satanic, Illuminati: Doctrine That Damned America Dr. Kent Hovind 2004
“Latest email update from Kent”  Admin 6-3-2015 Well…. I’m in Yazoo City, Mississippi! Address here is: Kent Hovind #06452-017 FPC Box 5000 Yazoo City, MS 39194 but I MAY not be here long enough to get mail I HOPE! It will be 2 months MAX or LOTS less if they release me to home confinement that I was APPROVED for in Oct 2013 to start Feb 2015! We’ll see. I keep Rudy updated and he posts stuff on utube lonestar1776 as well as 2peter3.com and freekenthovind.com. They DID wake us at 3 am and load a PACKED bus to drive [More]
The prosecutors have decided to ask for dismissal of the charges against Kent so there will be no new trial! The judge is expected to make a final ruling later today. You can get the latest info on freekenthovind.com and this Youtube channel LoneStar1776.
Kent Hovind is interviewed by Joyce Riley of the PowerHour about his situation and upcoming trial. The interview starts at the 8:20 mark. Use the slider on the audio player to skip ahead. Listen to the interview
To keep up with the latest on Kent and to hear interviews with him from prison on a wide variety of subjects go to this Youtube channel. You can also visit his site 2peter3.com as well.  Kents second trial ended a few weeks ago with a conviction on a contempt of court charge and a hung jury on the other 3 charges, the prosecutors have decided to retry him on those 3 charges. The retrial will occur in a little less than 2 months from now. Please keep him in your prayers.
Joyce Riley of The Power Hour radio show interviewed Kent live on 02/25/15, you can listen to it here. Kent gives a brief overview of his background then goes into detail on the events that lead up to his arrest 8 yrs ago and his upcoming trial starting next week. The interview starts at the 4:00 minute mark. Great interview.
Below are some new Youtube videos that have been put up with the latest info on Kent and efforts to get him out of prison. Here is a Youtube channel with many recent videos on Kent including lots of interviews with him. The public defender he has been assigned admitted to Kent that he has won maybe 5 or 10 cases over the last 30 yrs. and his defenders have refused any outside legal help. So things are not looking good for his new trial which starts Feb 9  but pray that God will intervene on his behalf. Please watch [More]
“The article notes his new trial is schedules to start Feb. 9 and the same judge who presided over his first trial and who some say has exhibited an anti-Christian bias will preside over this new one as well.” Admin An imprisoned creation science evangelist and Baptist minister who refuted evolutionary theory and who has served eight years of a ten-year prison sentence is now fighting a new charge that would put him behind bars for life. Kent Hovind, the founder of Creation Science Evangelism out of Pensacola, Florida, has been incarcerated since 2007 over 58 federal counts that largely [More]
“There are 2 interviews with Kent on this video. About the first interview, I couldn’t find an exact date for this interview but from what I heard it seems around early Dec. 2014. Kent goes into great detail about his case so people will know the truth and what a travesty it is. Kent’s interview lasts about 45 min. then Josh talks to John Haller, a lawyer, about Kent’s case and our out of control legal system for about 50 min. Then comes the second interview of Kent at the 1:35 mark with a continuation of the discussion about his [More]
“Kent is still in the Santa Rosa county jail. You can write to him at this address: Kent Hovind, Box 7129 Milton, FL  32572″  Admin It Never Gets Old- 1-1-15 Today, Jan 1, 2015, I awoke to my 9th New Year’s Day in prison. 🙁 THAT never gets old, I can assure you! But that’s not what this blog is about. 🙂 Details of my case and upcoming Feb 9th trial are on 2peter3.com; freekent.com and several youtube interveiws for those who care to follow and pray Acts 12:5 style. 🙂 The thing that NEVER gets old happened at 5:15 [More]
December 2014 Update Dear friends and supporters of the creation ministry (as well as a few atheists, enemies, evolutionists and morons who are on the list for a variety of reasons  J ), What a year 2014 has been! We are closer to the coming of our Lord and savior! That’s good J I wish it was true that He could come “any moment,” but alas, in spite of what I had been taught and had taught myself for 40 years… it is not true. After many years of research I was forced by the evidence to go back to [More]
Only months away from being released to a halfway house after nearly eight years in prison, the popular creation-science lecturer and theme-park creator known as Dr. Dino is facing new charges in his tax-related case. A federal court Monday in Pensacola, Florida, scheduled a trial to begin Dec. 1 for Kent Hovind, founder of Creation Science Evangelism and Dinosaur Adventure Land, on mail-fraud charges in connection with court filings on land seized by the federal government in his case. As WND reported, Hovind was sentenced to 10 years in prison in January 2007 after he was convicted of 12 tax [More]
Q: “What is Your Jail Like?” Dear “David”, Thanks for your letter.  It is such a blessing to get mail here! (Prov. 25:25)  I’m glad you enjoyed my DVD’s on creation.  Please spread them around while I can’t.  Thanks also for your questions about my stay in jail.  I think my answers will help many so I’ll change your name and answer publicly on a blog site.  Please share freely. 1.      Did I break a law?  No.  As many people in the Bible and history can testify – going to captivity or jail does not prove guilt.  Joseph [More]
“Kent is still at the Santa Rosa Country jail”  Admin Blog/Facebook/Newsletter for Kent Hovind www.2peter3.com www.drdino.com 1.      Well, I’m closer to home!!  ? ?  My new address is:  Kent Hovind, PO Box 7129, Milton, FL  32572.  It looks like I’ll be here for several months since the new trial was postponed ‘til Nov. 3.  I have filed an appeal and a win there stops all this.  Details are on www.2peter3.com. 2.      Under the 2nd Chance Act passed by Congress in 2007 I qualified for release to a half-way house in Pensacola last February!  But….I Tim.6:10 governs [More]
Are there contradictions in the Bible? Kent Hovind explains.
Well, I’m closer to home!  FINALLY!  I’m about 25 miles from my home in Pensacola at Santa Rosa County Jail.  I was brought here to face a new charge for filing a “lis pendens” on the ministry property based on my ongoing lawsuit in the S. Carolina court (read about it on www.2peter3.com/legal). I have filed an appeal in case #3:06cr83/mcr.  This should stop the new charge totally.  Please pray that it does! Meanwhile, anyone can visit me here from 11:15 – 1:15 Tuesdays but only two at a time.  Please check with eric@drdino.com to be sure there are no conflicts. My new [More]
“You can find Kent’s book “What on Earth is About to happen… for Heaven’s Sake?” on 2peter3.com or Amazon.”  Admin Well, it looks like another move any day.  (could be 3 more weeks though!) 🙁  I’ve been designated to Yazoo, MS.  The camp there has 160 men and the medium next door has 1100.  New address will be: Kent Hovind #06452-017 FPC Yazoo  PO Box 5000, Yazoo City, MS 39194.  It seems that I will fly from here to Oklahoma City on “con air,” stay there for x days or weeks and then take a 10 hr bus ride in shackles from [More]
The day before my 41st anniversary!  Hang on Jo!  I’m TRYING to get home!  I love you!  🙂  Also the day my wife and I were arrested 8 yrs ago!  It was 7:30 am.  I was getting ready for staff devotions and my wife was finally sleeping after being up till 3 am with back pain.  About 25 agents swarmed onto the ministry property swat team style.  They surrounded my sleeping wife and woke her up, handcuffed her (she’s 5’0″ 110#) and wouldn’t let her get dressed, put on a robe or go to the bathroom!  She was taken to [More]
Well, I’m still in Atlanta (USP PO Box 150160, Atlanta, GA 30315) and no one has a clue as to why I was moved here.  Senator Marco Rubio from FL has expressed an interest in helping to resolve this so maybe if a bunch of folks call him or send him the signatures from freehovind.com he will look into my case, the justice department and the prison system in general?  Judges are appointed for life “during good behavior.”  It is NOT good behavior to rule against the law or constitution and congress has the power to impeach-but rarely uses it. [More]
March 30,2014                                                      Spring Update for Kent Hovind 1. Snowing AGAIN as I write!  The turkey saw his shadow though so only 6 more months of winter!  The calendar says it’s spring but here in Berrrrrrlin, NH it is still COLD most of the time!  Global warming?  HA!  See “What in the World are they Spraying” from realityzone.com to understand THAT lie and how it ties in with the tribulation and coming famine! God has been good through all this who-o-o-o-ole trial and prison time though and 1000 good things have come from it besides the many souls saved and [More]
Eric Hovind is interviewed about his father Kent Hovind. He discusses a little about his fathers background, goes into detail about his prison situation and talks about his own ministry as well.
“If you want to read the full story of all the gross violations of the law that were committed to put Dr. Hovind in prison and keep him there then click here.” Admin 2013- what a year this has been! Just about everyone sees the writing on the wall for a serious financial collapse world-wide coming soon! Many people and whole nations will finally learn the truth of Proverbs 22:7 “The borrower is servant to the lender.” This is what “the kings of the earth” (Ps. 2) have been working on and TRYING to cause for centuries. They want to [More]
“Below is an email Dr. Hovind sent which details all the violations of law that were perpetrated  against him in order to put him in prison and keep him there. It just goes to show how unjust our so called justice system has become. A lot of inaccurate information has been put out regarding his case, read this and know the truth.”  Admin NEWS ALERT!! After Dr. Kent Hovind of www.drdino.com fame went to prison in 2006 over tax related issues there was a LOT of bad and false publicity about him, the Creation Science ministry and Christianity in general. [More]
http://2peter3.com/BookWhatOnEarth.html In his startling new book, “What On Earth Is About To Happen … For Heavens Sake?”, Dr. Kent Hovind will provide the big picture of the history of the world and what is about to happen. This profusely illustrated, 260 page book (available in paperback or ebook format) will cover: . What the bible teaches about the creation of the world . The scientific evidence for a global flood in noah’s day . Daniels amazing prophecies about end times events . The seven year tribulation period and the rapture of the church . The time of God’s wrath and [More]