Mormonism Exposed!

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On going exmormons testimonies – DNA vs. the Book of Mormon – Videos relating to Mormonism. An iTunes podcast of videos published by MRM is available here. Beautiful Nauvoo: Where Joseph Smith is the Superstar Called to be Free DNA, Geography, and the Book of Mormon DNA vs. The Book of Mormon Does Revelation 22:18 Condemn the Book of Mormon? Examining Facsimile One from the Book of Abraham False Teachers Seem Nice How Did Joseph Smith “Translate” the Book of Mormon? How Heavy Were Joseph Smith‘s Golden Plates? Interview with a Mormon Fundamentalist Jesus Christ / Joseph Smith Lifting the Veil of Polygamy Mitt Romney and Mormonism Mormonism’s Impossible Gospel Keith Walker speaks on Mormonism’s unrealistic view of repentance and contrasts it with a Biblical view of grace Mountain Meadow Massacre The Bible vs. The Book of Mormon The Lost Book of Abraham The Stories of the Wives of Joseph Smith The Untold Story of the Death of Joseph Smith Why Did God Decide to Save Us Through Faith? Bonus Video from The Bible vs. The Book of Mormon (Off Site) Heart of the Matter (Off Site) Robert Millet Speaks to Mission Prep Club (Off Site) The 30+ Wives of

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