Intro to Creation Science: What your University Professors Won’t Tell You – Dr. Don Patton

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Creation Science is usually defined by the media as the Genesis account of creation – what is normally taught in the Sunday School classroom. The charge is continually repeated but it is not true. Creation science is scientific evidence, not religious dogma. Both creation and evolution have profound religious, philosophical implications, yet, both may be investigated scientifically. Chief Justice Rienquist and Justice Scalla pointed out that creation science involved the study of biology, paleontology, genetics, astronomy, astrophysics, probability analysis and biochemistry. They concluded that this discipline was the study “of scientific data supporting the theory that the physical universe and life within it appeared suddenly and have not changed substantially since appearing…Creation Science is a strictly scientific concept that…does not require the presentation of religious doctrine.” Many have difficulty imagining scientific evidence for creation, perhaps because it is zealously censored from our classrooms. The truth is, there is a great deal of such evidence. Watch this video and see for yourself.